May advocacy focused on the Senior Action Week platform.

L-R, Sharon Wade, Jim Stephanak, Gov. Whitmer, Judy Sivak.

Governor Whitmer sought input from Kalamazoo area senior advocates on Jan. 21 with a stop at the Portage Senior Center.  Judy Sivak, KCASI president, and Danna Downing, KCASI Secretary, brought up several issues, including problems and solutions regarding the direct care workforce crisis, rebalancing long-term care Medicaid funds to allow more people to stay in their home, and finishing legislation to improve the state’s guardianship and conservatorship processes.

MI IMPART Alliance is a coalition that is working to develop a competent direct care workforce through various initiatives, such as improving the lives of direct care workers through education, training, respect, decent wages and being a model for the nation.  KCASI is a member as we recognize that the crisis in this workforce must be solved in order that older adults and people with disabilities of all ages can have the supports they  need to live wherever they choose.

“Here” is a listing of various initiatives in Michigan supporting the direct care workforce.

Michigan’s Elder Abuse Task Force has a “checklist” of what initiatives have been accomplished and what remains, especially in the guardianship/conservatorship area.  Check it out!

Linda MacDonald, KCASI Member

KCASI partners with the MI Senior Advocates Council (MSAC) to work on legislation benefitting older adults, such as elder abuse prevention, nursing home quality regulations, guardianship reform, increased funding for meals on wheels and other in-home services. Danna Downing is the delegate representing Kalamazoo County and its Area Agency on Aging.  

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