Older Michiganians Day 2019

Currently, when monthly meetings occur they will be virtual.


Monthly General Meetings are Open to the Community
During the COVID pandemic, all meetings will be held virtually until further notice.

1:30 PM start time,  the third Monday of the month.

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Older Michiganians Day
Older Michiganian’s Day (OMD) is an opportunity for older Michiganians to share a unified voice with elected officials; expressing the concerns, challenges and potential initiatives for older adults. More information about OMD advocacy opportunities will be shared closer to the event.


Click the links below to access materials from past meetings or events

June 2021 Virtual Meeting – Dr. Maureen Mickus presented on the topic of Loneliness and Social Isolation. Link to Recorded Meeting Passcode @&9Sv+Vy

May 2021 Virtual Meeting – All legislators were invited to respond to the Senior Action Week platform.  Attending the meeting were Sen. Sean McCann, Rep. Julie Rogers, Rep. Christine Morse.

April 2021 Virtual Meeting with Stephanie Grace from the MI Attorney General’s office on the topic of scams.
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March 2021  Virtual Meeting:  Presentation on the topic of “Ranked Choice Voting” and Dylan Wernholm, Legislative Director for Representative Beth Griffin, District 66. For more information go to

Status of 2020 Issues

February 2021 Virtual Meeting: Discussion and adoption of 2021 Advocacy Platform. Legislators in attendance included Sen. Sean McCann, Rep. Christine Morse, Rep. Julie Rogers, Dylan Wernholm for Rep. Beth Griffin.

November 2020 Virtual Meeting:  Presentation from Samantha Carlson, Kalamazoo County Area Agency on Aging Director.
Link to Recorded Meeting Password: j+ZwcA^8    

October 2020 Virtual Meeting:  KCASI Sponsor Updates in the time of COVID-19, click here for summary notes.

September 2020 Virtual Meeting: “Homes for All” millage discussion with David Artley and David Anderson.

August 2020 meeting CANCELLED

July 2020 Virtual Meeting: “Long-Term Care Facilities & COVID 19”. Guest Legislator Rep. Jon Hoadley. Link to Recorded Meeting Password: W8#Ax3j4

June 2020 Virtual Meeting: Lisa Fuller, Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program Coordinator, will discuss the changes in no-fault insurance and how having Medicare figures into your decision making regarding coverage.
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May 2020 meeting CANCELLED

April 2020 meeting CANCELLED

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