Dear Advocates:

Someone recently asked me what advocates do?  It seems so simple when you’ve been an advocate for so long, but apparently it needs further explanation.  Rather than quote out of a dictionary, the best way I know of to explain it is through KCASI’s mission statement:  “To educate and advocate as a non-partisan group on issues affecting the lives of older adults and future generations.”  How do we do that?  By understanding issues that we choose each year that need to be addressed and what entities are involved in making the issues better or worse (do they concern state or federal legislation or are they more local, like a millage).  This generally means that we monitor issues at all levels, often with partner organizations.  We then communicate with elected officials and bureaucrats to make sure the issues are understood by them and encourage them to take appropriate action that we think is the way to solve the issue at hand.  This “encouragement” can take several forms, such as a phone call, letter, one-on-one meeting, a group effort, or testifying at hearings.  Advocacy is a way to have our voice heard on issues that are important to us and the more advocates we have taking action, the more likely it is that elected officials and others will listen.  

We are looking forward to a busy year and hope you will join us.  Dues have not been increased and details regarding membership are on the “Join Us” page.


Judy Sivak, President

Danna Downing, Secretary

Sarah Cagney, Treasurer

Kellie Cody, At-Large

Ros Robbert, At-Large

Frank Cody, Legislative Chair

Joyce Stout, Past President