Dear Advocates:

Senior Action Week, May 9-13 was a huge success thanks to all the advocates from across the state.  As of May 25th, 5,600 letters were delivered to state legislators; 11,300 people were reached through social media posts; 500 participated in the live stream and 30 legislative offices showed up although the House cancelled their session.  Many thanks to Senator Sean McCann and the staff of Representatives Julie Rogers and Christine Morse for joining the Kalamazoo County crew.

KCASI is partnering with the League of Women Voters of the Kalamazoo Area for a June 9 8th District Court (one opening) and 9th Circuit Court (two openings) candidate forum.  There are a total of 10 candidates running, 3 for district court and 7 for circuit court.  District Court hears all minor criminal cases, including traffic violations, civil cases involving up to $25,000, landlord-tenant matters and all misdemeanor criminal cases.  Circuit Court hears all civil cases involving over $25,000 and all felony criminal cases, such as burglary, assault, robbery, serious drugs, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, murder, rape, treason, piracy. The forum will be live streamed from 6-8 p.m. KCASI members will receive an email stating how to access the forum.  

We hope to see you at the June 13th program meeting, 1:30 p.m. at the new Portage Community Senior Center, 203 E. Centre Avenue.  Invited guests include Sen. Sean McCann, Rep. Julie Rogers, Rep. Christine Morse, Rep. Matt Hall, Rep. Beth Griffin.  There will also be a brief program about the new and exciting center and a tour.


Judy Sivak, President

Danna Downing, Secretary

Jan Livesay, Treasurer

Kellie Cody, At-Large

Ros Robbert, At-Large

Frank Cody, Legislative Chair

Joyce Stout, Past President